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     This blog is written and will be written to study about antinuclear movement as assignment of anthropology 207.In this blog, I'll feature on Citizens' Nuclear Information Center (CNIC) as an example of an antinuclear movement.

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Why antinuclear movement?

      There was a huge earth quake in Japan on March 11th 2011. It was disastrous not only because of gigantic earth quake, but also because of successive tsunami and nuclear leak at Fukushima Daiich nuclear power plant. This accident activated antinuclear movement all over the world including Japan. I chose this topic because I was born in Japan and this movement is very active now. In addition, science is my field so I think I can provide different perspective.


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What is social movement?

  According to the lecture of  Anthropology 207
social movement is defined as:
  • Informal networks of people
  • Based on shared beliefs and solidarity,
  • Mobilize about conflictual issues 
  • Through the frequent use of various forms of protest
  • Intention is to change something that is status quo "
(della Porta and Diani 1999: 16)
(Young-Leslie 2012)

     It means social movement is group action which tries to change something by using various ways of protesting. According to this definition, the way of protest doesn't have to be marching or using signs. Also people have to have shared belief and solidarity. It means protesters should claim similar ideal that you will see in the marching. Of course this is protest, they intend to change something exists now.  

Definition of antinuclear movement

     In the Wikipedia antinuclear movement is defined as "The anti-nuclear movement is a social movement that opposes the use of nuclear technologies" (Wikipedia 2012)

     This is quite simple definition. The point of this definition is "use of nuclear technologies" which may include use of nuclear weapons. I need to mention that antinuclear movement is not only antinuclear power plant but also antinuclear weapon movement. So there is strong connection with the idea that making world peace by pursing the abolish of nuclear power and weapon. Because nuclear-fuel which are uranium and concentrated plutonium can be source of nuclear weapon. At the same time, according to this definition, anti-nuclear movement against using nuclear technology for academic use like atomic particle collide experiments or studying nuclear for just advancement of science because those experiments often need nuclear technologies which is not the things commercial or military use.NMR is one of most popular instrument to measure organic chemical compounds which use nuclear technology.  I can say that if organic chemists can't use NMR, they can't do almost any research.

     In this blog I don't deal with this anti-technology ideology. I only deal with the anti-nuclear power and anti-nuclear weapon movement. Therefore in this blog, I define antinuclear movement as the social movement which against using, building of nuclear power plant and may include using, producing, importing, or exporting of  weapons.

     As a conclusion, antinuclear movement is defined as informal group based on the solidarity and shared belief , which is opposing using, building of nuclear power plant and may include using, producing, importing, or exporting of weapons by using any kind of protest to mobilize about conflict issues whose aim is to change nuclear policy.

   The next topic will be what is CNIC. I will talk more about their organizational characteristics.


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